Behaviour Management in Education

5th July 2019

Managing Behaviour in Schools – Sumran Choudrey, Faronics Wise Product Manager

A number of studies show that behaviour of students in school has a direct correlation with both academic performance and as an indicator for later life success.

The 2017 independent review “Creating a Culture: How school leaders can optimise behaviour” by Tom Bennet, commissioned by the then Secretary of State for Education, outlines some thought provoking points.

Firstly, when Behaviour in general improves within a school, the impact is:

  • Students achieve more academically and socially
  • Time is reclaimed for better and more learning
  • Staff satisfaction improves, retention is higher and recruitment is less problematic

For many Schools, the above three points are of paramount importance, and even more so to alternative provision providers, who face an even greater challenge.

The Bennet report, alongside other studies, also states that behaviour in schools is inseparable from academic achievement, safety, welfare and wellbeing. The outcome of these studies is clear, managing behaviour and achieving high standards in behaviour is beneficial to both students and staff.

The management of student behaviour is multi-faceted and complex, however one area that can be improved with a low barrier to entry is the technology used within the school. The ability to log both positive and negative aspects of behaviour, review and report on data and communicate this data is a fundamental pillar in any behaviour improvement strategy.

Faronics Wise is a cloud based MIS platform that has a comprehensive module for managing behaviour. The behaviour management features within Faronics Wise were designed with direct input from UK Schools and help address many of the problems facing schools today.

The ability to log both incidents and achievements allow schools to positively reinforce good behaviour and communicate that to both parents and staff easily and effectively. Faronics Wise allows schools to create custom parameters that can be tracked on a student-by-student basis and analysed holistically. These parameters allow schools to track anything from the number of times a mobile phone rings in the classroom to the respect that students show staff or their fellow students.

Capturing data accurately and easily is one area where many schools face challenges. Many MIS or behaviour management platforms are tied to a PC or laptop. Faronics Wise is completely cloud based and allows data to be captured using any smartphone or tablet, ensuring the right data is collected when relevant. We speak to many schools that believe that a large amount of behaviour data is “lost” by the time the teacher remembers to input the data into the system that is used.

Although the capturing of accurate and timely data is important within behaviour management, this data is useless if it cannot be analysed to better understand how to improve behavioural standards. Faronics Wise provides intuitive and powerful dashboards to better understand the behavioural landscape of the school:

Allowing schools to analyse the data in a granular way ensures that the school behaviour strategy can be assessed for effectiveness and any relevant changes made in a timely manner.

Faronics Wise is an end-to-end Management Information System, this ensures that all data is accurate and available, allowing schools to ensure that they can view students as individuals and view the school holistically.

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