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Decades of experience and expertise at your beck and call.

It’s about more than software… it’s about People.

Any tool is only as useful as the person wielding it. Faronics Wise’s Web-based Information platform is as simple to use as it is robust and powerful, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have questions.

  • Installation

    Proper installation and integration of the platform into your existing infrastructure can make all the difference. Take advantage of everything Faronics Wise has to offer and utilize the application to it’s fullest.
  • Support

    Even after the platform is completely integrated and being used, questions may still arise. Faronics Wise offers a complete phone support package to help you quickly and easily work through any problems and get back to the business of educating. Call 0134 420 6414 any time from 8 am to 5 pm GMT. or email support@faronicswise.co.uk.
  • Training

    Faronics Wise offers training services for institutions who wish to give their staff and IT professionals a head start on learning how to utilize, customize and moderate the platform to the specific needs of their organization.
  • Data Migration

    Every educational institution has accumulated large amounts of data, likely in more than one format or system. Faronics Wise offers complete data migration support to ensure all your data is transferred over to the new platform, and done so in the most optimized fashion so that everything operates at peak efficiency and nothing is lost.

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Faronics may contact you by phone in order to schedule a product demo.
Faronics may contact you by email in order to schedule a product demo.